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pronouns she/her
epvpn 5201

Rustacean, craftswoman, geek


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shine . @shine,

Hey folks! My friend and amazing watercolor artist @LightsArt is looking for commissions :)

She does really great My Little Pony / Furry / Animal / Pokémon stuff and has examples of her work on her profile. If you are interestested, send her a DM, or at least boost this post please ^^ She really needs it right now.

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shine . @shine,

My wonderful girlfriend @kayla_eilhart took #gpn21posters to the main hall of AT&T Junior hackathon Brno ^^
Can't wait for this year's #GPN, I really miss that atmosphere

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shine . @shine,

Yay, just finished a weekend of interactive gaming exhibit of our museum of old games :) It was on a britcom themed convention themed after the Red Dwarf series, this year's theme being an episode "The last day", which introduced the concept of Silicon Heaven

We decides to use that opportunity to bring and show systems that didn't have a long life and left us too young :( (list of consoles in photo descriptions)

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shine . @shine,

RustNation and talks are so far amazing ^^
Might be one of best conferences I visited in a long time

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shine . @shine,

When you are fangirling so hard that you see your most favorite rustacean an the only thing you are able to say is an absolutely obvious "omg, you are Mara"

Just kill me now dfvhugvdfggfgh

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shine . @shine,

Hi Fedi! I have a friend from Latvia who would really like to move to Germany, with big preference of Berlin (she has friends there). Her home country isn't really a best place to live as a queer being :(

Is there anyone who is looking for a flatmate and has a free room to spare? ^^ Her limits are around 500 Eur / month (although it can be pushed up a bit), and would certainly prefer a chill, queer friendly company :)

Please DM me or send me a message at matrix if you know about something, and I will give you a contact :)

Boosts are appreciated 💙

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shine . @shine,

Oh well, time to make this as well :)


I'm Shine, or, in more "formal" environment, I also use Kate (or combinations of both)

I'm an ADHD anarchist queer programmer with major interests in

- rust
- embedded development
- foss (but FSF and GNU can go to hell together with RMS)
- LGBT rights
- decentralized networks, matrix
- 3D printing
- electronics
- gaming
- retro gaming
- cartoons
- music

I'd also like to start combining my interests to make functional cosplays / cosplay props, but that's a plan for future :)

You can also see me on matrix as

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